Charity: Evergreen

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Contact info:


Toronto, Ontario M4W3X8

416 596 1495 ext. 338

Mission & Goals:

Evergreen is a national charity with the mission to inspire and enable action to green cities.

We believe that green space is vital to the health of cities and citizens alike and that a child who climbs tress and tracks through knee-deep mud, will grow to be healthier and more confident. We believe that eating locally grown food is one of the most powerful ways you can have a positive impact on your health, your city and your environment and we believe that individuals have a central role to play in creating the cities and communities they want today.

How your contribution helps:

There are many ways your support will make a difference for children and families in your neighbourhood.

Your donations can send kids to get dirty in outdoor summer camp, or teach them how to cook with healthy, local food. Your donation can plant trees and community gardens across your city, restore local watersheds and even help to change the way we plan and design our cities in the future!


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