Charity: Family-to-Family, Inc.

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Contact info:

Family-to-Family, Inc.

Hastings on Hudson, New York 10706


Mission & Goals:

Family-to-Family works with kids all over the USA helping them be givers and doers!! We know that by being a kid, you have ideas and feelings that are unique to you. Sometimes the adults around you don’t quite see what you see. Like… when you see someone suffering, you might want to offer your help, or when you hear about a natural disaster you wish there was something you could do. Here at Family-to-Family, we’ve come up with a number of different ways to help you help moms, dad and kids in need, right here in the U.S. Our 2 favorite projects are "Birthdays in a Box" and "Birthday Giving Parties" great hands on fun ways to "share your bounty" on your special day!!

How your contribution helps:

We want to help make Birthday Celebrations happen for as many kids in need out there as we can! Your contributions help us do that BIG TIME in a whole lot of ways!!


Vance Our Hero

Meet Vance our Echoage hero

He loves these toys!

about 3 years ago