Charity: Florida Hands & Voices

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Contact info:

Florida Hands & Voices

Oviedo, Florida 32762

Mission & Goals:

Florida Hands & Voices is a parent driven organization dedicated to supporting families who have children who are Deaf and hard of hearing without a bias toward communication modes or methodologies. We provide families with the resources, networking and information in order to improve communication access and educational outcomes for their children. Our activities, advocacy efforts, and parent/professional collaboration are all focused on enabling our deaf and hard of hearing children to reach their fullest potential!

How your contribution helps:

Send deaf and hard of hearing kids to summer camp and field trips with other deaf families, where sign language interpreters are present to assist in communication. Support the Florida Hands & Voices theater intepreting program where children's plays are interpreted in ASL for the benefit of deaf and hard of hearing children. Fund Signed Storytime, an event where kids with or without a hearing loss can come with their families to listen to stories, which are also signed in Amerian Sign Language - exposing kids to the beautiful language of ASL. Provide scholarships to families of deaf children to attend conferences and other support programs. Support kid events at parent and family meetings so that kids can have fun and play while their parents attend educational meetings.

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