Charity: Project Sunshine Canada

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Contact info:

Project Sunshine Canada

Toronto, Ontario M4W 2K2


Mission & Goals:

Project Sunshine is a nonprofit organization that provides free educational, creative, and social programs to children and families facing medical challenges. We also provide free caregiver wellness support to parents and other caregivers. Volunteers selflessly donate their time to create program materials and deliver programs. Working onsite, our volunteers relieve the anxiety of the young patients and in a context of fun and play, foster in them the courage and coping skills necessary to confront procedures that lie ahead. Project Sunshine volunteers spread sunshine, restoring a crucial sense of normalcy to the pediatric healthcare environment.

How your contribution helps:

Help us spread sunshine to the children and families who need it most! Your donation will fund vital arts and crafts, reading, entertainment and special events programming for children and families facing medical challenges across Canada.


Graysonandeverly Our Hero

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For the past several years, our family has always chose...

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Meet Blair our Echoage hero

It is cool new art piece that I am so excited to try!

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