Charity: StepStones for Youth

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Contact info:

StepStones for Youth

Toronto, Ontario M6G 2M3


Mission & Goals:

In a given year, there are an estimated 35,000 homeless youth in Canada, where 68% of homeless youth were previously involved with child welfare, foster care and group homes. Only 44% of youth from foster care graduate from high school compared to 85% in the general population. Approximately, 57% of youth coming from child welfare are unemployed and those who are employed are living below the poverty line. StepStones for Youth (“StepStones”) is a well-established charity with proven success in changing the lives of youth at risk. Our mission is to provide support for disadvantaged children and youth who have experienced trauma, abuse, and unstable guardian care with minimal to no support in their lives.

How your contribution helps:

StepStones has developed high impact programs such as the Girls’ Summer Camp and the Youth in Transition Mentoring Program to help children and youth who are vulnerable to poor life outcomes. With your support, we are able to provide a rewarding camp experience for underprivileged girls to improve their confidence, independence, and conflict resolution. Youth in the mentoring program are provided with all the tools necessary to become successful. Your contribution will help youth find stable housing, develop critical life skills, further their education, and create their own support network to reach their full potential.

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