Charity: The Macaulay Child Development Centre

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Contact info:

The Macaulay Child Development Centre

Toronto, Ontario M6E2K3


Mission & Goals:

Macaulay Child Development Centre fosters the optimal development of children, in partnership with their family and community.

How your contribution helps:

Macaulay Child Development Centre serves children and youth from birth up to 18 years of age, and their families. We believe that children thrive in strong families, classrooms and communities. Our mosaic of programs and services put this belief into action to enrich the lives of over 7,000 children each year, including those at risk due to special needs, poverty and neighbourhood violence. What do we do? - promote healthy child development. - nurture strong families and encourage effective parenting. - provide specialized support for children with special needs. - collaborate to build inclusive and responsive communities that meet the needs of all children and families. Who are our children and families? - 43% of Macaulay families earn less than $30,000 annually. - more than 70% of Macaulay children have a diagnosable special need and/or are at risk due to environmental factors. - 70% of our families were born outside of Canada; one quarter of these have been in Canada for less than five years; one-third have limited English language skills. The needs in our community have never been greater. Your funds will enable Macaulay to provide critical support to thousands of children each year.


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