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Your guests contribute to both Group Gifts and Women's Habitat

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After the party, we send you the money & the rest to Women's Habitat


Donations help to provide the "extras" to women and their children fleeing violence: birthday presents; TTC tickets; grocery gift cards when a woman moves out of our shelter; holiday celebrations; movie passes; special trips for the kids


The following letter was addressed to one of our front line workers at the shelter. The day you walked into my life and my son’s life was the day I started believing in myself. When I had no hope you made me have faith. When I felt like everything was impossible, you walked with me through my darkest moment. I loved my son from birth, but when I heard you, or saw you talking to your kids on the phone you made me love my son even more. I thank you for that. Today I have a life because you believed in me like I was your own daughter. Most of all, I can give my son a life that I could never have when I was a child, because you helped and believed that I can. I thank for all of your support, especially for being with me during my darkest moments. Love, Shirley & Aiden

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