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Meet Our ECHOage Birthday Hero


Daniel Supported

Jays Care Foundation

Why I chose to support Jays Care Foundation

Daniel words: I love sports and I love being able to practice them all, I can’t believe there are other kids that can’t practice any sport, iif everyone learned to play as a team like in sports the work would be a better place to be, besides sports make people happy like me! I love hockey and baseball more than anything in the world!

Daniel 's Gifts

I really don’t need anything right now mom cause you won’t allow me to have an iPhone and you don’t want another brother for me so.. I’ll save it for when I need it

Why I chose my gifts

He says that he don’t want to buy stuff he don’t need, he’ll save it for when he can have an iPhone hahaha he also asks for a baby brother but we are handful with 3 so let’s wait for that iPhone