Meet Cole Harmer our Echoage hero

Apr 22 2015

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War Child Canada

It helps kids and their mothers so they can be healthy and stay safe and alive and live better lives. And also my aunt works for War Child.

Spy watches are cool and you can put them on your wrist so they are easy to carry around.

Hero, War Child Canada

Christopher huculak Our Hero

Meet Christopher Huculak our Echoage hero

I love Pokémon and playing nerf.

7 months ago

Faris Our Hero

Meet FARIS our Echoage hero

No birthday presents. All is going to children in need.

almost 5 years ago

Timo Our Hero

Meet Timo our Echoage hero

I love playing with my Xbox. A RipStik Casterboard is m...

over 5 years ago