Ryla Our Hero

Meet Ryla our Echoage hero

I chose to donate 100% of my birthday to Second Harvest because I wanted to help others instead of g...

about 1 year ago

Ravi Our Hero

Meet Ravi our Echoage hero

Ravi is so blessed with lots of food, clothes and toys. We only wanted to celebrate with friends and...

almost 3 years ago

Drew Our Hero

Meet Drew our Echoage hero

It was important for Drew to help in a way that she could understand. She sees people in need on the...

about 4 years ago

Fia bankey-mohamdee Our Hero

Meet Fia Bankey-Mohamdee our Echoage hero

We wanted to make sure that a local charity, similar to Second Harvest, was given money to help addr...

about 4 years ago

Hunter Our Hero

Meet Hunter our Echoage hero

He is trying to save his money for something big. Kids are lucky these days, and he knows he has a l...

over 4 years ago

Knox Our Hero

Meet Knox our Echoage hero

Tigers, bears and penguins are the best.

almost 5 years ago

Leo Our Hero

Meet Leo our Echoage hero

Because I like sports and I like running around! I like everything that's a sport!...

over 5 years ago

Caia Our Hero

Meet Caia our Echoage hero

I really wanted a scooter because I like going fast and want to learn how to do stunts!...

over 5 years ago

Lily and leo Our Hero

Meet Lily and Leo our Echoage hero

Because we like fishing and rock climbing!

almost 6 years ago

Chelsea Our Hero

Meet Chelsea our Echoage hero

I didn't want anymore toys, I have enough toys. I like doing gymnastics and learning to balance. M...

about 6 years ago

Lily Our Hero

Meet Lily our Echoage hero

Because I like sticking stickers on the books and filling the books up....

over 6 years ago

Devyn Our Hero

Meet Devyn our Echoage hero

I want to take vidoes of me swimming so I could see what I look and I wanted a baking kit to make yu...

over 6 years ago